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EXIMP INC is revolutionizing the way project & operations engineer(s) design, build and support their process. We understand their need for process optimization, and we are here to help our customers achieve thier goals. Our team of highly skilled design and support engineers can handle your needs in any or all aspects of your control solution - from management, design, programming, fabrication to installation, testing, training and support.

Located near Chicago. IL the commerical hub for North America- EXIMP is an innovative team of individuals specializing in the design, build, engineering, installation and support of custom insturmentation & controls . In nearly ten years of business and hundreds of successful jobs, we know we have the ability to design solutions to fit our customers' needs. We are always expanding in new and exciting directions, but often find our customers coming to us with certain types of needs where our depth of specialized knowlege makes us particularly beneficial, such as:

  • Custom Programming
  • Systems Integration
  • Fiscal Metering
  • PLC/HMI/Motion
  • Tank Farming
  • SCADA systems

Knowing the right design is only partial solution to a successful project. We thoroughly understand budgets, schedules and the need for profitability. Whether monitoring individual points or controlling a complete process, contact us to find out how our unique solutions can help your project succeed.

Contact us: +1 847-779- 4603 or email us at eximp@eximpintl.com




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